Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wanna plate?

I am supposed to be doing an assignment right now, but am in a weird mood. I have just discovered the most awesome plates EVER. I am in love, I want to buy them. (Who am I kidding? I want to buy alot of things)


See, told you so, best plates ever. Reminds me of school when we had to make our own plates, I wonder how my parents reacted to that. "Here, have a plate, it's all scribble but seriously, I made it!" "Thanks Jess" xo

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The city that never sleeps

I have been away from here for quite some time, whoops. I get so caught up in the real world that I forget I'm trying to improve my creative mind and writing ability by writing everyday/often. I have had uni work coming out of my ears (it still is) and the rush of moving, packing, setting up etc has thrown me off the wagon. I dont think that's really a saying, whatever. I am now officially a Victorian, but as I've said, I'll always be a NSW girl at heart! Victoria is great though, I'm having fun here. Living out of home has not been as hard as I thought it would be, except for the part where I dont get to see my family or dog regularly, that is difficult at times. I have been more emotional since moving because I miss friends and of course family. I nearly burst into tears the other weekend when I saw my parents walk up to the house (here for Callum and I's 2nd engagement party) but I think it's easier to move because I'm older. I'm over the whole "omgossssshhh i'll NEVER see you AGAIN, my parents are so MEAN" stage (that happened to you, right?) and it is fantastic seeing my fiance everyday!

I don't have a job yet. I am staying positive though it's hard when rejection emails are all you're receiving. Though, I will admit, the rejection emails are from when I was still in Sydney and trying to land a job here while still living there- in preparation for the move- so, fair enough.

I have a kitten, bought him on the way to Victoria. His name is Saba and he's very cute. I have volunteered for the RSPCA once, I feel bad because I havent been back for about 2.5 weeks and they probably think I hated it. Truth is, I absolutely LOVED it. Yes, I had to clean poo off walls, have dogs jump on me with poo ON their paws resulting in jeans looking brown, get extremely sore arms and abs from cleaning, taking heavy dogs to different exercise pens and back again. But if I thought it wouldnt involved that, I would have been dreaming. Of course it involves that, they're animals. I loved knowing I made a difference in an animals life, if only for a day. People need to adopt more, the animals want attention and need love. So please, adopt instead of buy! Or at least boycott pet shops, most dogs come from puppy farms; ask the shop assistant next time where their animals come from, watch them try to answer you.

On another note (I'm trying to keep this entry short) I submitted some articles to an upcoming online magazine, and the editor loved them! I am so proud of myself for putting my writing out there, it was a daunting process but I did it! So now I'm waiting to receive the first copy to see my articles published. I am so excited!

I have also found this adorable ring on Etsy, I would buy it but I don't have the funds right now to spend on clothing/accessories! Devastated :( so maybe you could buy it for me? Hahaha. Funny, aren't I? Anyway, what do you think?

Oh, as promised, here is evidence of me walking in high heels. I have cut off my face because this is the internet and I have no idea who has seen this blog get my point. Success! I can now walk in heels (you should have seen what my feet looked like at the END of the night, scary.)

Anyway, I'll write again soon.