Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hello, old friend

I was proposed to 8 months ago and here I am 9 weeks away from saying 'I do!' Time has gone exceptionally fast; I try on THE dress in MY measurements next week, the flowers were organised ages ago, fiance has his suit, one ring paid off the other still to be.
I realise it has been too long since I last made an entry on this blog, I don't know what happened.
That's the annoying part of being a writer: writer's block. What has happened in the amount of time that has passed since last entry? I moved-not as difficult as I thought but still emotional at times being away from family and all- the house has progressed to being painted and ready for tiling by end of this week, still studying hard and being a good, studious student (haha) I secured myself a job (after a solid month of searching may I add!!! Nearly sent me up the wall) working in retail; which was definitely amazing because I had zero savings left and then surprise! I am successful! At the moment it is 10.05pm and I'm contemplating song choices for the wedding. Suggestions?

It's pouring at the moment which freaks me out slightly. Weather is weird, it's beautiful but imagine if we didn't have houses to protect us?! Stupid statement I guess but I'm tired, does that excuse me?

I'm bad with ideas about travelling. Why? Well, mutual friends of my fiance and I were explaining how they would love to do a trip to Africa in the next few years. I got super excited! Africa! My dream!
"Can we please go??? I can document the trip!"
Even more exciting when fiance was just as excited about going; I'm so lucky he loves the idea of travelling as much as I do! Woohoo Africa someday!

I know this entry is all over the place but I haven't written for so long I have tried to update in point-form.
Found this picture and it has inspired me to read more, I love reading! Currently reading Dracula for the 5th time. It's an amazing book which I love for so many reasons; number one being the writer can actually write and tell a story.


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