Thursday, July 23, 2009


I don't like writing during the day, i'm more productive at night. Lately I have started so many stories, but i can never get past page 10, i lack the motivation or ideas to push it further. I just enrolled in Media Law again, i failed the first time, which means Semester 3= 3 subjects. More than a full time study load! But i want to finish uni before the end of next year/beginning of 2011. This is 4th year and i'm getting over it :( 21 years young, don't want to be 30 and still doing uni.

All i want to do is make films, documentaries and write a book. At the moment I am teaching myself the Adobe production suite programs, it's fun. I have written 2 articles to submit to Frankie magazine (my favourite) but they need slight tweaking.

I'm saving for Europe, saving for the future, saving to pay off credit card debt-haha, causing me to become antisocial and slip off the face of the earth.

Submit those 2 articles to Frankie
Write a book
Go to film school

Haha, i've been looking at wedding dresses online for no reason, i'm not getting married, but i'm bored. Most of them are so ugly i have no idea why anyone would buy them! Can designers please get a clue and realise strapless dresses need to go out of fashion? I'm so over everyone wearing strapless dresses, BORING. I dont care if it's Lisa Ho or Chanel, strapless dresses are worn by every woman and her poodle, if you want to show you have personality and aren't not a clone, design your own dress!!
However, if you are searching for a dress that's unusual, i suggest looking at Vera Wang's collection. Amazing, just amazing.

This blog is unstructured and doesn't flow but I dont care, it's my blog.

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