Monday, March 29, 2010

Technology and me

I'm at it again. I write something, delete it, write something, delete it etc. Sometimes being a writer means huge amounts of frustration from lack of creativity, or a feeling of self doubt. I have deleted so many stories from my computer over the years, based around the idea they were absolutely horrible and no-one would ever want to read them. The thing is, usually something has to go wrong for me to gain motivation or be inspired to write. Why? Because then I can put a whole range of emotions into a story instead of clouds, marshmallows and 'la la la I'm so happy!" which doesn't offer a particularly original format. So, because nothing has been going wrong lately I havent been inspired to write, and the stupid thing is I don't want anything to go wrong. However, I have been thinking about film and how much I would do anything to be able to finish a scipt. I have started one and am open to suggestions about what road it should follow. Famous screenwriter or famous novelist? I like both, I'm going to be optimistic.

One subject I am doing at the moment is New Media: Communications in the Electronic Age. It's really quite scary to think how far technlogy has come, and how much further it will go. Think about it, before Facebook there was Myspace, before Myspace there was....oh that's right, nothing. People communicated with each other in person. I didn't even own a mobile phone until I was 14 or so, and when I did it was a huge Motorola that would be embarrassing to own these days even as a vintage item. My children are going to look at photos of me from 2010 and say "omgosh, what the hell are you wearing?" even I do that to myself when I look back at photos from 2008.

 I miss the days when catching up wasn't done over the internet, but then I embrace it because I have run out of time, and to be honest I am completely different in person than on the internet. I am shy and reserved until you know me well, over the internet I am loud and use 'Lol' too often. There is no way I can come up with a smart response to your joke, I can't say something and then delete it, and I can't catch up with six different people in the space of five minutes- everything I have done on Facebook. I am the clumsiest person I know, I say ridiculous things and am better at expressing myself in writing than I am in conversation.

Now, I know most of you have another side, I am going to label it a 'Facebook persona.' What do you do on Facebook/the internet that you would never do in real life? How do you act? Are you completely different or the same? I am not saying that you're fake, I mean in the sense you do things you normally wouldn't be able to do in reality (like my given examples.)

If there is one thing I thank the internet for providing, it's online shopping. I LOVE online shopping (as I'm sure you have guessed by now) and have so many favourites saved on my browser it's not funny. The only depressing thing about online shopping is I can never buy anything. I have to window shop. But if you don't feel like dealing with shop assistants you don't have too. Joy!

I have three weeks left in Sydney, so I've decided I'm going to take a photo everyday until I move to mark what I love about this city.

On a side note, I am completely obsessed at the moment with buying old cameras. I am yet to actually purchase one but I've been looking. It's the house that's doing it to me, the idea of decorating my own home is getting me all excited and thinking of interior decorating ideas. In keeping with the rest of my entries, I suppose I'll upload some new links for you to obsess over. I have found a cute bag and tshirt this time! Everyone needs some of those!

Come on, how can you not like this bag? Exactly. It has already been sold but I'm sure if you wanted one you could contact the seller, don't be shy. $19.99 USD @

I like wolves on clothing, I have 2 tops with wolves on them. I dont know why, I just like them. This is super cute, it's wearing glasses and has a bow tie!! $22 USD @

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